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The Pioneer in Electrical Cable & Wiring Truncking, Conduit Pipe,  Water Supply Pipe, Drainage Pipe and relevant Fittings.

Established in 1996, we have been selling our PVC Pipe and trunking to more than 150 cities from home and aboard by the sincerity and reliable product quality.

ShingFong Advantage:

We are dedicated to making high quality products at an economical price to let you to be more competitive in your market.

We are happy to make products to meet your specifications.

We can make labeling of product which can help your brand name gain the marketing.

Wide range of specification of conduits, trunkings and related fittings means that almost any installation can be designed, specified, carry out with confidence.

Your urgent order can be completed on time for our high efficiency production line.

If you are unable to find the product that meets your needs, please contact us.


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