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27-Jul-20 Shipment: PVC Conduit 1x40GP

Sihui Shingfong Plastic Product Factory Co., Ltd
Latest Shipment 27th, July 2020

With the support of all new and old customers, we shingfong has made outstanding achievements in R&D, Production, Sales and Service. We export PVC Trunking, PVC Electrical Duct, PVC Cable Pipe, PVC Conduit, PPR Pipe and related Fitting and Accessories to more than 68 different countries and regions all over the world.

We are busy with production to ensure quality and delivery of every order. Shipment is arranged everyday.

Here is the shipment loaded today:

Container 1X40GP:

PVC Electrical Conduit Pipe 20mmx2300mm, 16000pcs

Thanks to all our friends, our new and old customers who support us at home and abroad! We shingfong will always foloow the principle of "Quality First" and deliver more satisfactory goods to our customers.
We hope our business will go further and briliant!


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